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Payday makes invoicing, payroll, claims and return of public taxes for freelancers and small companies easy. See how easily Payday can save you time and effort.

Why Payday

Saves time, automated and less worries

Automatic return of
public taxes

Payday returns all public taxes automatically and ensures that nothing is forgotten.

Save time
= more income

Payday saves you time which allows you to take on more tasks and generate more revenue. Spend time with your familiy or enjoy your hobbies.

on work

All you have to do is remember to invoice. Payday handles everything else.

Graphical reports

Payday gives you the overview you need. In a simple way you can get a full overview of payouts, public taxes, VAT and pension.


Simple payout

You can do payroll whenever you want and we'll take care of salary calculations, paychecks and return all public taxes automatically. It doesn't get easier than that.

Customer reviews

This is what our customers have to say about our services

User friendly and simple

I needed a simple system that worked well and Payday resolved all the problems right away

- Marinó Flóvent photographer

Better overview

Better overview over my business and my balance

- Karólína physiotherapist

Saves time, money and less worries

Payday has saved me time, money and worries

- Jón Ómar owner Garðherinn

I want to keep things simple and not waste time on paperwork. Payday saves me time and allows me to focus on flying

- Kári pilot

I want to focus on creating beautiful art. Payday eases my life, takes care of paperwork and that everything is in the right place.

- Sigrún artist

I do not want to worry about billing, payroll, and VAT reports. Payday helps me keep a schedule and finish the work in time

- Bjarni electrician


Vat returns



Simplify your life

Starting today!

Membership subscription

You can choose between three types of membership subscription

and easely change subscription plan any time you like

No monthly fee

No usage = no fee
  • Invoicing

    Simple, quick and easy invoicing
  • Electronic invoices (XML)

    Send electronic invoices directly to your customer's accounting system
  • Logo on invoices

    Brand your invoices with your logo
  • Create claims

    Online bank claims
  • Email reminders

    Get emails when an invoice is paid or on its final due date
  • Recurring invoices

    Invoices sent automatically to your customers on a regular interval
  • Estimates

    Create estimates that you can send to your customer
  • Invoice history

    See e.g. when email is opened by a customer
  • Expense registration

    Register expenses that go automatically to your VAT return
  • VAT reports

    View VAT reports by period
  • VAT returns

    Automatic VAT returns
  • Salary payout

    Let Payday do your salary calculations
  • Income tax return

    Automatic return of income tax and insurance fee
  • Pension filing

    Automatic filing of pension and rehabilitation fund
  • Union filing

    Automatic filing of union fees
  • It's easy to switch

    We transfer older invoices from other systems into Payday
  • Balance summary

    Get a graphic overview of income and expense this year
  • Activity list

    Get an overview of all your customers activity
  • National registry connection

    Look up customers in the national registry

On the house


0 kr.
  • 2 invoices / month

    2 invoices / month



3.900 kr.

a month (+VAT)
or 1% per invoice

  • Unlimited number of invoices

    Unlimited number of invoices

  • 20 XML invoices / month35 kr. per invoice after that

    20 XML invoices / month35 kr. per invoice after that

All inclusive Full service


6.900 kr.

a month (+VAT)
or 2% per invoice

  • Unlimited number of invoices

    Unlimited number of invoices

  • 20 XML invoices / month35 kr. per invoice after that

    20 XML invoices / month35 kr. per invoice after that

Right in your pocket

Our Payday web app is of course optimized for mobile devices
so you can send invoices or get paid


How much can I save?

Our calculator gives you the overview ofhow much you can save by using Payday.

Enter the total amount of invoices per month (excluding VAT):


Invoicing and paperwork can be time consuming and demanding process.
If we assume that it takes you hours per month to take care of invoicing and estimate kronur hourly rate,
then you are saving Y kronur monthly!

You save

0 kr.

Payday calculator

Do you want to know how much salary you can have based on how much your income is? Or do you want to know how much you have to contribute as an employer if you want to pay yourself a certain salary?

Enter salary or total cost in the boxes below to figure it out.


Pension fund payments

Statutory pension savings
20.000 kr.
57.500 kr.
500 kr.
Private savings
0 kr.
0 kr.

Public taxes

Income tax
177.312 kr.
0 kr.
36.795 kr.
Personal tax allowance
56.447 kr.
0 kr.

Unions and funds

0 kr.
0 kr.
0 kr.
0 kr.

The people

Payday is owned and developed by Divot ehf. Divot is a software
company with many brilliant employees that have years of experience
in developing systems with the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Chief Executive Officer

Björn Hr. Björnsson

Björn is the founder and CEO at Payday as well as running the software company Divot ehf. Björn has years of experience in software development and was one of the founder of Mið He has also lead the development of ticketing platforms in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Chief Technology Officer

Gunnar Gils Kristinsson

Gunnar graduated with a computer science degree from Reykjavik University in 2004 and now works as CTO at Divot. He has over 10 years of experience developing web applications especially in the field of payment solutions and ticket sales but he has worked for Valitor, Landsbankinn and Venuepoint AS.

Sales Executive

Ketill Sigurður Jóelsson

Ketill is a business graduate with emphasis on management and marketing from the University of Akureyri, and works as a project manager at the Operations Department of the Environment and Construction in Akureyri. Ketill has a extensive experience in sales, marketing and communication.

Sales representatives

Kolbrún Þorkelsdóttir

Kolbrún is an educated lawyer and works part-time at City of Reykjavik. Kolbrún has extensive experience in sales and marketing, and she is particularly fond of expressing her voice and speech.


Stefán Ari Guðmundsson

Stefán graduated with a business administration degree from University of Iceland in the year 2000. He is currently the CEO at Heilsuborg and has previously been CEO at Practical and S.Helgason. Stefán is a member of the board at Payday and provides advice on finance and operational matters.


Lárus Orri Stefánsson

Lárus is 100% service minded and is always ready to assist our customers.


Payday uses online services from the following parties

Runs on the Azure cloud from Microsoft

„Best FinTech Startup“ 2018

Nordic Startup Awards 2018

„Vefkerfi ársins 2017“ tilnefning

Íslensku vefverðlaunin 2017